These one-on-one meetings are customized to your needs as an artist. Some popular topics are:
-How to start shooting film at weddings 
-How to start charging for film 
-How to develop and scan your own film
-How to know when to use what camera
-Film stocks galore
-How to navigate film with your second shooter
-How to prepare for the unknown (blank rolls, missing shots, etc.) 
-A deep dive into specific film types (35mm, 120, Polaroids, Super8, etc.)
-How to get clients to actually pay you for film


-Includes Pre consult questionnaire 
-One 1 hour meeting in person or video 
-This is perfect if you have a few specific questions, and just want to brainstorm
-Does not include any shoot time

-Includes Pre consult questionnaire 
-Four hours of meeting time, split between two or four sessions
-In person or via video chat
-Includes your choice of a website audit or portfolio review

$950 // add on an additional 30 min follow up call a month after your mentorship to ask any additional questions or review additional film shot for $50

Just need a little refresh? Trying to reach your dream clients? Book an audit. This is perfect for those trying to give their brand a facelift through their images representing their brand online. 

-Portfolio Review 
-Includes Website Audit
-Recorded Feedback 


Portfolio Audit

Film Mentorships

The mini  

The Mentorship


Whether you're brand new to the film world or you've been here and while - I'd love to share a bit of my film magic with you! 

35mm, 120, Polaroids, Instant film, Super8, 8mm, 16mm, the list goes on: I've spent the last few years with a  tunnel vision pursuit of all things film.

Here are some of my educational offerings to make your film journey a little bit smoother! 

“When she reviewed my portfolio, I felt truly seen in my brand and what I wanted to create with future clients. Nellie’s mind is incredibly sharp and creative, and she manages to be kind
and supportive at the same time.”
Ayla RM 

"I didn't expect to feel as excited as I am to start my full-fledged journey into film as I am. I expected to feel very overwhelmed, however the way you taught it and the resources you provided made it so easy to retain information."
Kellie B 

“She helped me clean up the user experience
on my website so brilliantly that I caught myself wondering  “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” Ayla RM


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